Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Macau - a night 'away'

Summer days at home are delicious. But a night away (staycation!) can be a Godsend. Hotel, anyone?

brave boy

Macau, across the Pearl River Delta, is a one-hour ferry ride and passport check away. 


There is certainly plenty to see and enjoy (see older post) but this time we planned to check into our hotel and not. leave. ever. 

Verdict? GOOD PLAN!

The Galaxy Hotel is part of a group of hotels that share a lazy river water park and gardens. Last spring we stayed at the Marriott (also in this group - always a win) and we loved Galaxy even more.  It's in Cotai, the southern part of Macau, and on the "Vegas of Asia" strip. Think lots of shiny stuff. 

Did I mention the lazy river? It's the world's longest skytop river ride. AND at Galaxy you are steps away from the world's largest wave pool. Plus there are sandy lagoons, splash pads, poolside food... Have you started packing yet?

get out there in the morning and you have your pick of loungers!

Indoor play space is at the Marriott (nice in cooler spring weather).

Daddy had to work in Macau in spring, so we tagged along.
Our time at the Galaxy was not only closer to the water features, but quick access to gardens and the shopping mall too. Loved the food.

We had the whiskey-bar-library for dinner all to ourselves while they piped music from our highschool days through the speakers, served huge glasses of wine, and cooked handmade pastas.
Galaxy Hotel Lobby display

nap time! I think we wore him out.
 See ya next time!