Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Almost Summer DAYBOOK

This - my classroom. As I type, this room is sitting empty and covered in half-finished packing boxes, tape and bubble wrap strewn on the floor. Tomorrow I go finish the epic task of moving a classroom, inventory, and signing out for the year. Tonight - I pause to reflect on this brink of summer.

Outside My Window
It's HOT - and humid.
A TYPHOON and 'red rain' to close out the school year... landslides blocking one of the two roads out of our school, keeping children in classrooms on the last day of school well past dismissal until the roads were declared safe for buses.

BEFORE the storm -- just look at it! Stunning day in Hong Kong. That's on my morning walk to school.

I'm Thinking About
and traveling solo with my 2 girls - 20 hours to DC, bring it on!

I Don't Want To Forget 
The image of my girls sprawling, limb across limb, in my bed on Tuesday morning.
The way friends make me feel whole. And good. And a better me.

hip hop teacher dance crew
I'm Learning
to breathe and remain calm despite not being able to control and organize everything the way my imagination envisions it. And learning to cherish and value the downtime.

I'm Hearing
the hum of the dehumidifier. nothing else.

I'm Reading
The Price of Privilege - by Madeline Levine, PhD
This book. These ideas. This world! These kids. I raise them. And I teach them. And there are certainly specific challenges (and costs) to our rising affluent culture. Any mother or teacher might want to grab this book.

Around The House
So - you know we're moving, right? Yeah... movers come in 3 more sleeps. I'm SO not ready! But again - learning to let go of that a bit to keep eyes on the important things like friends, goodbyes, taking care of myself, and loving on my kids. So - pretty much I'll let the movers do most of the work. And I'll be unpacking some disorganized junk. But it's our junk. And that's ok. That's why I write this instead of packing my suitcase (or maybe I'm just an excellent procrastinator). 

Upper Primary - last day of third grade

traditional POOL JUMP straight from the bus, fully clothed - let summer begin STRAIGHT AWAY!

At Work
Packing boxes. Saying farewells. Always someone moving away, someone moving in. Always changes. International school life - makes 'change' the new normal. 

teachers touring our new campus - still under construction!

Eating Out (confession - I'm never in the kitchen anymore)
tomorrow - a new restaurant with my girlfriends (important things, remember?) ;)

So Very Hong Kong
Finding no crosswalks to get to the other side of the street in downtown.
HK is fabulously equipped with amazing 'lifted sidewalks' all across the city. Many of them run building to building. You could travel miles (I think) without ever actually crossing a street on the ground. But I'll tell you - it's not instinctual when you are from America!

These next photos do not show this.
Rather - an afternoon trip to Sham Shui Po - a market area where we went in search of trinkets, motors, wires, LED bulbs, and other treasures for our 9-year-old-inventor... a dream shopping trip for her!

no, not a junkyard - this is a market stall of wares!

subway home - still crowded...
 Also very Hong Kong - Tai Chi in Stanley on weekend mornings. :)

One Of My Favorite Things
lazy pool days

A Less-Than Favorite Thing
peanuts on airplanes.
I have learned (from embarrassing past experiences) that since I have a peanut allergy, I have to call the airline directly to inform them prior to my flight. It's stressing me out that I haven't done this yet - I SWEAR it's on the high-priority list for tomorrow!! (Along with 264 other important things.)

I'm Thankful
for Nimfa. Our helper. Our nanny. Our all-around go-to gal. She cooks, cleans, watches the kids, reminds me of appointments, manages the kids' library days and show-and-tell days, facilitates playdates, runs errands, grocery shops, translates, and hums and sings and keeps our house feeling calm and happy. She's a wonder. And I've been leaning on her a lot lately. And I am SO GRATEFUL.

I'm Planning
seriously? why are you reminding me of what I'm supposed to be planning?

don't even talk to me - I see our future in this photo - on so many levels!!!!

Picture Thoughts :

SHEK O CLIMB - Ainsley:
get it, girl!


Friday, June 2, 2017

Au Revoir Redhill

It's strange to think that our days with this view are numbered.

In 2 weeks we finish school, send our boxes and furniture to the new faculty housing, and begin our suitcase-summer. When we return to HK for the fall - we will begin living down island in Repulse Bay.

gbye Tai Tam campus - (my classroom - 2nd floor down on the right side)

this ends the chapter of my 10-minute walk to school in this beautiful landscape
even shrouded in grey - you have a magic about you

Only three years here and we already have nostalgia about this place.

the guards - always so friendly!

like a vacation-view ALLLL the time!

many an imaginary-game here - and snail hunting in the rain

my post-run stretch spot

the equipment our baby grew up on...

the taxi-line outside our door (will miss this!!!!)

won't miss this!

our family walks and my runs around the circle - with wild boar sounds in springtime

ABear's favorite flower in DC - grows like a weed around RedHill

... and what we may miss the MOST - our ridiculously impossibly amazing POOL!

Redhill and Tai Tam Bay were our introduction to life in Hong Kong. For that, it will always leave a deep impression on our hearts. Our oldest child grew into middle-childhood here and our baby turned toddler/turned little girl. The kites swooped through the skies - sometimes super close to the windows. The cicadas hum in the soupy humid air. Birdsong fills your ears. It's quiet, peaceful, and fun to watch the boat life. And the wind! Oh, the wind! This little nook is quite possibly the windiest spot in all of Hong Kong. Ta-Ta Tai Tam - you've been good to us.