Sunday, November 19, 2017

Just Regular Stuff

When life "slows" to a roll of regular things - I realize how fast they grow. #makeitslowdown

Life in Honkers is full of 'regular' stuff just like anywhere else. Groceries. Bills. Meal planning. School. Sleep. Errands and chores. Failed-attempts-to-exercise. Doctor appointments. Sports.

Fall here is breezy, temperate, and pleasant. Perfect weather for getting outdoors to walk or throwing the windows open.

rocks in Stanley - a late Sunday morning romp

*she loves her some street music * insists on giving coins*
Saturday morning baseball practice is (when possible) a family affair. Glorious weather for it. So proud of this girl! (yes - baseball. not softball. yeah, baby.)
spot her? The one in front, 2nd in from left, hugging the pink glove of course! Lucky Number EIGHT.

Other outdoor adventures around here:
 Dad took them camping - ALL BY HIMSELF!

 THEN and NOW - Gosh, this puts it into perspective. Have we really lived here this long??

More ShekO Beach pics before the weather cooled off.... look at these WAVES!

hike with Daddy in our backyard!

trails right behind our house
Stanley Plaza
Such a familiar place for us now. Stanley is still just a 10 minute cab ride away. Love these Banyan trees!!

School outings :: Field Day and Class Picnic on the Beach

Meeting up with pals on a weekend morning:
our LITTLE is the BIG KID now! - all those blondies

practicing, momma!
And more practice and prep... with the class baby 

look at all the BOY clothes!!!
 28 weeks and counting...

BIG one went to her first sleep-away camp. It's part of the 4th grade experience - 2 nights away at a camp in Kowloon. Such a cool and amazing thing the school does! What a memorable and unparalleled growing-up experience.

on campus, just before heading out - with her good pal, Tiernan
School. Another cool thing? Squid dissection. Our little engineer-turned-surgeon proved quite capable and proficient:

Auntie Nimfa's birthday!!!!

 And last, a few random Hong-Kong things....
this caterpillar - found on my classroom balcony. Isn't he huge??? We've been watching him metamorphose. 

a street. on my way home from a Dr appointment.

Posted after a regular neighborhood evening walk ... on the promenade along the water.
When 'regular' isn't so 'regular'.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Birthdays and Boos

Whoosh! And there goes October! Done and dusted.

BunnyCakes turns FIVE.

Mommy turns FORTY.

And we celebrate Halloween with loads of teachers.
Mermaid Party:

new school pals

she fell in love with the paper mache - so the pinata turned into table-decor because we don't smash mermaids


Hello mid-life:

bringing it in with my girls - on the historic AQUA LUNA HONG KONG JUNK BOAT - in this city that I love!

and Halloween:
itty bitty hong-kong-style pumpkins

school costume prep - sad pumpkin because his friends are being eaten and cut open
"book-o-ween" at lower primary - complete with parade:

rooftop potluck and a 56-apartment-candy-haul in our new digs
"ladybug-pumpkin" and "panda bear"

a tower full of teachers means costumes for ALL!

Nimfa scared everyone as she handed out candy. :) 

Seriously strange holiday - where we keep the kids up late on a school night as they roam the "neighborhood" and accept candy from strangers, then gorge on it until their tummies hurt. As their mother, I feel it is my duty to help them eat the stash. :) Hey, I'm a team player.