Sunday, November 5, 2017

Birthdays and Boos

Whoosh! And there goes October! Done and dusted.

BunnyCakes turns FIVE.

Mommy turns FORTY.

And we celebrate Halloween with loads of teachers.
Mermaid Party:

new school pals

she fell in love with the paper mache - so the pinata turned into table-decor because we don't smash mermaids


Hello mid-life:

bringing it in with my girls - on the historic AQUA LUNA HONG KONG JUNK BOAT - in this city that I love!

and Halloween:
itty bitty hong-kong-style pumpkins

school costume prep - sad pumpkin because his friends are being eaten and cut open
"book-o-ween" at lower primary - complete with parade:

rooftop potluck and a 56-apartment-candy-haul in our new digs
"ladybug-pumpkin" and "panda bear"

a tower full of teachers means costumes for ALL!

Nimfa scared everyone as she handed out candy. :) 

Seriously strange holiday - where we keep the kids up late on a school night as they roam the "neighborhood" and accept candy from strangers, then gorge on it until their tummies hurt. As their mother, I feel it is my duty to help them eat the stash. :) Hey, I'm a team player.

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