Thursday, July 9, 2015

Aberdeen Fish Market

Looking for something to do with the kids on a hot morning before naptime....


The Fish Market was grimy & wet (we should have worn BOOTS!) - and felt more local-Hong-Kong than the shiny commerce side of HK. Pirate Den - turned - Fishing Village :: now Aberdeen town boasts more than 80 thousand people. The BEST seafood in all of HK is said to come through this port. Even though we missed the early-morning haul, we had plenty to watch. Flapping tails, fishy smells, and sloshing walkways. We didn't stay to eat at the famed canteena - supposedly best seafood on the island - but maybe once we are past the "nap chapter" of life. 

are these for eating???

It wouldn't be Asia without some laundry up to dry!

fancy shark fin soup?


My arms were a wee bit sore after carrying this tyke around (no boots, remember?)  As we walked down the road to find a good spot for a taxi, the girls spotted a playground. You'd think each playground was Disneyland the way these two run with glee at the sight of them. Urban living, I guess.

Banyan tree on the side of the road
little prayer house along the waterfront

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Public Swimming Pool (s) - Aberdeen

Another HOT HOT day in Hong Kong.

The Aberdeen Pools will not be found in your Hong Kong Tourist Guide -- this place is for expats and locals. (From what we saw? Mostly locals.)

I first heard of this spot from the kindergarten set. What a great way to stay cool and have a change of pace. There are two pools - only a few inches deep - filled with waterfalls, slides, and water toys (even a bike that shoots water when you peddle!). At $17HKD per adult ($2 USD), we will be visiting this place again. Best while the kiddos are young.

The local adults pretty much sit under the waterfalls for a cheap back massage while the kids run wild. The lifeguard made me put away my phone after one pic (no photos allowed) but my stealth husband managed to get a few. :)