Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Public Swimming Pool (s) - Aberdeen

Another HOT HOT day in Hong Kong.

The Aberdeen Pools will not be found in your Hong Kong Tourist Guide -- this place is for expats and locals. (From what we saw? Mostly locals.)

I first heard of this spot from the kindergarten set. What a great way to stay cool and have a change of pace. There are two pools - only a few inches deep - filled with waterfalls, slides, and water toys (even a bike that shoots water when you peddle!). At $17HKD per adult ($2 USD), we will be visiting this place again. Best while the kiddos are young.

The local adults pretty much sit under the waterfalls for a cheap back massage while the kids run wild. The lifeguard made me put away my phone after one pic (no photos allowed) but my stealth husband managed to get a few. :)


  1. It CRACKS ME UP to think of Jasper doing some ninja photography behind the lifeguard's back. :) Why no pictures? So no one will find out about this watering hole, perhaps? Looks like a lovely respite in the heat!

    I get to see you in like.... 12 days. 12 DAYS!!!!!!