Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hoi An - Vietnam :: Thanh Ha Pottery Village

The final post from our week in Central Vietnam --

Sitting over the elaborate buffet breakfast at our hotel one morning, we discussed our options for another 'day trip'. And by day trip - with a toddler in tow - we mean a trip lasting no more than 2-3 hours, and a maximum of 30 minutes transportation time. Plus high kid appeal. We had the pool waiting for us, after all, right?

We opted to go see Thanh Ha Pottery Village - tucked behind Thanh Ha Town.

This village is legit. It's been flourishing since the 15th century. It's known world-wide (now) for its unique one-of-a-kind style earthenware, keeping the craft traditional and within family. This village is now protected and thus you have to pay a small fee ($1 USD) to enter the village. These craftsmen produced the tiles, floor boards, and bricks which make up Hoi An Ancient Town. They currently work on creating pieces for its restoration. 

Wrapping up my purchases!

Each home had a potters wheel - usually out front. Just inside the home were items for sale amid their living quarters. Many families graciously welcomed us into their living space with open arms. 

Special Buddhist holiday this day - and every home here honored it with offering.


This day will be in my memory forever. It is among ABear's top-3 things about our trip to Hoi An. The girls were invited to try their hand at the potter's wheel and brought home their work as souvenirs. Every villager we met was warm, friendly, welcoming. They work hard and were eager to sell their wares. I was happy to oblige - I only wish I'd had more luggage space!

We shared some lychee fruit with this family after Bunny made herself at home! :) {shoes off in the house}
This woman spent a good amount of time with us. She is 92 years old and her mother and great-grandmother were in the trade in this very house. Lucky BunnyCakes to receive some of this woman's affection.


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    1. It really was! One of our favorite days for sure.

  2. This is incredible. Seriously. I want to visit places like this! What an amazing treat!

  3. This is incredible. Seriously. I want to visit places like this! What an amazing treat!