Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shanghai Shenanigans

Thanks to Buddha's Birthday - we had a 3-day weekend (same as Memorial Day weekend)!! After three attempts (good job, dad!), the girls and I finally got our visas to enter China and off we went.

Shanghai :: "the pearl of the orient"  "the paris of the east"
population 24 million

- The Bund -
The waterfont area along the Huangpu River offering great views of the skyline, historic buildings, and little drink stands (that DON'T carry water, FYI).
they should start perfecting their autographs =)

Shanghai Bound (a 2 hour flight) to visit Jasper's very best friend in the whole wide world, his amazing wife, and this scrumptious baby:

 I mean, really, this kid is too cute.

me, ABear, Baby, Michelle, Ted, and Jasper & Bunny in the back
We stayed in the French Concession and spent time with our friends. We lucked out with clean air and perfect weather - a break from the hot, humid, sticky days of HK.

Street scenes in Shanghai -

tree lined streets and wide sidewalks - french concession

dinner in a bucket on the sidewalk?

joined local kids for some sidewalk chalk

This woman was out on the corner doing laundry every time we walked past, no matter what time of day.

loaded bicycles - what balance and manpower 
tiny door!
near the bund:

We tried some street food. Jasper was the only one brave enough to go for the street MEAT - and it turned out just fine.

In Shanghai, there aren't many (any??) signs in English. The cab drivers speak only Mandarin. ABear loved trying out her new language skills - while mom & dad relied mostly on gestures.

countdowns for crosswalks and stoplights

Loved this bitty cafe/bakery called Amelia's:

homemade OJ from Amelia's

not old enough yet, sweet thing

Bunny enjoyed her Chinese style high chair at a DELICIOUS Taiwanese restaurant. Thank you, Michelle, for ordering - I have no idea what we ate, but it was incredibly yummy.

We stayed at a 'serviced apartment' rather than a hotel. Exactly as it sounds - an apartment that is serviced as though it were a hotel. It was bigger than our HK apartment - and had a pool that, as Bear put it, was "more pretty than fun".

And a quick jet back home again...

 Woohoo for GREAT traveling kiddos and an awesome weekend with good friends!

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  1. Fascinating! Smart girl...don't ask about food, just enjoy!