Sunday, June 14, 2015

hello summer

Being a school teacher means stretching summers of rejuvenation and rest. Time spent with family. Making memories. Decompressing. As a dear friend of mine says....
"letting the tide come in." 

HKIS - our view of the school on the daily walk. Now so familiar.

 So - hello summer! We are so glad you're here! It has been a whirlwind wonderful first school year in Hong Kong. A new home. New friends. New smells, foods, and sights. New habits and rhythms.

very LAST day of school - getting picked up by little sister (who desperately wants to go to school herself)
FIRST day of school..... and the LAST day of school

Time to say good-bye (for now) to most and good-bye for long (ever??) to some. There were many - MANY - farewell parties and last hurrah's. International School communities are transient by nature, so the emotions are strong but I sense that this ebb/flow current is cyclic and expected. Just another new rhythm to adjust to.

ABear and her incredible first grade teacher:

Bookclub meeting with these lovely ladies (another great restaurant!):

One last birthday party - and a discovered love of ice-skating for Bear:

shopping mall rink

Farewell to two who are moving (to DC area! whoot whoot!) and a final Wednesday playdate with the 'aunties':

A new spin on 'End of Year Meeting' on the last day of school:

 Such a phenomenal kindergarten teaching team!!! I'm forever changed because of you all. Thank you!

Let's DANCE!
photo cred: Aly Bauer

photo cred: Aly Bauer

photo cred: Aly Bauer

photo cred: Aly Bauer

So - Farewell to our bedroom view for a bit ...

... as we head off on vacation to Central Vietnam. See you in a week!
Her first suitcase - happiness!


  1. You are such a great photographer!

  2. YOu are capturing some great photos! I LOVE the recap! This melts my heart and makes me a bit green with envy hehe