Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Peak :: a walk with a view

What better way to start our Spring Break Staycation?

The Peak - the highest point in Hong Kong.

The Peak is, of course, a highlight for tourists.
As self-respecting residents of Hong Kong - we haven't been there much.
But why not!?
It's gorgeous. And a totally do-able mostly-flat hike with plenty for kids to see and do along the way.

It's stroller-friendly.  And it's FREE.

Tarzan trees!

This time, we didn't even bother with the tram ride or the observation deck. We took the MTR into Central and then a quick taxi to the top (plenty of bus options too). Circumnavigating the peak takes about 45 minutes ... in other words ... 1.5 hours with little ones as they investigate each fallen bamboo branch and turn over each leaf.

Walking the entire circle means that you get to see HK from 360 degrees... ocean on all sides of the island. Fantastic!

you can see the ferry boats zooming off to Macao

Since the 1860's, privileged residents have lived up here. There used to be a hotel! The tram came later and with it - eventually - the shopping tourist mecca that it is today. Plenty of restaurants to choose from below the observation deck (including fast food) - and our family favorite: gelato! Such a sweet way to end our adventuring afternoon.

Look at all those people on top of the observation deck!
This, our first sunny day in at least a month. The sky is still there!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


It took us a year - but we figured out how to dye eggs in Hong Kong.
Last year it didn't work very well. The color didn't seem to stick.
This year - TA-DA!

Perhaps last year we bought Chinese, Thai, or Korean eggs?
The grapevine says those eggs have their natural wax still on them because they aren't washed and processed the same way we do it in the USA.

This year we bought American eggs and even used some American food coloring (brought from the States by a friend) for good measure. Seemed to have done the trick beautifully!

What is it about painting eggs?? 
Such. Fun. 

 How many eggs do you have in that paint jar, little one?

 And... Easter morning...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand - Take 2

Girls off to Bangkok for a weekend retreat again! A handful of us just simply couldn't wait a whole year to repeat this.

Rejuvenating with girlfriends? Refreshing, invigorating, satisfying and fulfilling. This weekend happened right on the heels of our big move (within 48 hours!) and was well earned. It filled me up so that I have more to bring to each day at school and at home. Time with friends can be so grounding. Feeling lucky to have teacher and mom friends like these.


wires EVERYWHERE in big tangles

coconut ice cream - in a teeny coconut - delish!


making earrings
sooo cute - LOVE this shop!!

American Eagle denim for $2 anyone? Gonna have to dig for it.

Thailand is so close to Hong Kong that we were able to fly in after a full Friday of teaching, freshen up at our favorite hotel, and head out into the night for delicious (late) dinner. Two nights in Bangkok fully spent. Bellies stuffed silly. Feet danced sore. And hearts full.

Hobbit door to our private treehouse loft in Iron Fairies

Going to Bangkok for your own girls' weekend? Some of our favorite spots:
* Soul Food (best food ever. Try the fire-hot cocktail)
* Iron Fairies (magical. like a fairy-tree-fort. live music)
* Maggie Choo's (funky. satirical. live music. performers. 'old china' feel)

Make sure you get some mango sticky rice at the airport for the ride home!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

8 years old

This girl.
My heart.


favorite foodS:
Nutella, all-things-chocolate, sunbutter-honey "samwichis", Nimfa's BBQ ribs, green peas, tomato soup with Ritz, fusilli pasta, maraschino cherries

favorite colors:
red & orange (and pink, though she won't admit it)

favorite books:
Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Ready Freddy

favorite school subject:

leggings & shirts and never anything in her hair

favorite sport/activity:
rock climbing & swimming

things she likes:
adventures, reading, shopkins, talking with her sister after bedtime, and playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad

things she does NOT like:
getting up in the morning

always says:
"what if....." and "literally"

spider webs, shots

wants to be a.....
reader, swimmer, teacher

best vacation ever:
KOA camping
savoring our Hong-Kong winds

reading to mom's first graders

nearly ALWAYS reading, in fact!