Sunday, March 27, 2016


It took us a year - but we figured out how to dye eggs in Hong Kong.
Last year it didn't work very well. The color didn't seem to stick.
This year - TA-DA!

Perhaps last year we bought Chinese, Thai, or Korean eggs?
The grapevine says those eggs have their natural wax still on them because they aren't washed and processed the same way we do it in the USA.

This year we bought American eggs and even used some American food coloring (brought from the States by a friend) for good measure. Seemed to have done the trick beautifully!

What is it about painting eggs?? 
Such. Fun. 

 How many eggs do you have in that paint jar, little one?

 And... Easter morning...

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  1. Ta Daaa! Yea Momma Mac! Easter Blessings to the A-Bears!