Wednesday, March 16, 2016

8 years old

This girl.
My heart.


favorite foodS:
Nutella, all-things-chocolate, sunbutter-honey "samwichis", Nimfa's BBQ ribs, green peas, tomato soup with Ritz, fusilli pasta, maraschino cherries

favorite colors:
red & orange (and pink, though she won't admit it)

favorite books:
Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Ready Freddy

favorite school subject:

leggings & shirts and never anything in her hair

favorite sport/activity:
rock climbing & swimming

things she likes:
adventures, reading, shopkins, talking with her sister after bedtime, and playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad

things she does NOT like:
getting up in the morning

always says:
"what if....." and "literally"

spider webs, shots

wants to be a.....
reader, swimmer, teacher

best vacation ever:
KOA camping
savoring our Hong-Kong winds

reading to mom's first graders

nearly ALWAYS reading, in fact!

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