Friday, June 2, 2017

Au Revoir Redhill

It's strange to think that our days with this view are numbered.

In 2 weeks we finish school, send our boxes and furniture to the new faculty housing, and begin our suitcase-summer. When we return to HK for the fall - we will begin living down island in Repulse Bay.

gbye Tai Tam campus - (my classroom - 2nd floor down on the right side)

this ends the chapter of my 10-minute walk to school in this beautiful landscape
even shrouded in grey - you have a magic about you

Only three years here and we already have nostalgia about this place.

the guards - always so friendly!

like a vacation-view ALLLL the time!

many an imaginary-game here - and snail hunting in the rain

my post-run stretch spot

the equipment our baby grew up on...

the taxi-line outside our door (will miss this!!!!)

won't miss this!

our family walks and my runs around the circle - with wild boar sounds in springtime

ABear's favorite flower in DC - grows like a weed around RedHill

... and what we may miss the MOST - our ridiculously impossibly amazing POOL!

Redhill and Tai Tam Bay were our introduction to life in Hong Kong. For that, it will always leave a deep impression on our hearts. Our oldest child grew into middle-childhood here and our baby turned toddler/turned little girl. The kites swooped through the skies - sometimes super close to the windows. The cicadas hum in the soupy humid air. Birdsong fills your ears. It's quiet, peaceful, and fun to watch the boat life. And the wind! Oh, the wind! This little nook is quite possibly the windiest spot in all of Hong Kong. Ta-Ta Tai Tam - you've been good to us.

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