Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pui O - camping

Leave it to us to move to the shopping mecca of Hong Kong to {finally} take our kids .... TENT CAMPING. :)

Yes, that's right. Tent. Camping. Hong Kong does it well - as it turns out. Here's an unfiltered photo story from our ridiculously relaxing weekend at Pui O (on Lantau Island - 1 hour, 20 minutes door to door from our house).

ferry across to Lantau Island

BUS ride - lucky guess for where to hop off - not so much English in these parts - and a short walk ...

past the Water Buffalo grazing

to the beach.

best beach-dive EVER. I'm in love with this place. Who needs to cook over a fire when you can eat at Maverick's??

setting up 'house' - separate kids tent - hooray for rented tents and mats!
They provide dishes, grill, skewers, and fresh water. Now that's easy tent camping!

I sure do love this chill vibe.

huh - mud flats - hope we can hose the kids off!

oh look who wandered down to the beach!

mud birthday cake

We shared the site with about 8 families - in tents all around an enclosure. The kids played for HOURS in these holes.
We met another family whose child goes to my school and became pals for the weekend.

amazingly - these two angels read by flashlight and then put themselves to bed. Guess they were tuckered. At least until the middle-of-the-night portapotty run... but that's another story. :)

morning hanging with our new friends - nothin like a coffee on the beach!

Pui O for the WIN. Good for the kids. Good for the grown ups. BunnyCakes asked if we could please stay for NINE nights. hahahaha! We sure lucked out with the perfect tenting weather, which is rare in HK. Not too hot or humid, but plenty warm enough for the beach.


  1. Looks like the girls had a ton of fun!

    1. They loved it! They cant wait to do it again.... tho I think its getting a bit too hot here for tents now.