Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Sun has Arrived

It's a strange and delightful sensation seeing winter turn spring in Hong Kong. It doesn't transform so much as pivot. For weeks in March/April I don a coat and feel sorry for myself in the dense numbing fog as my stateside friends blast instagram with photos of buds and blossoms... then BOOM! Sun. Sky. and HEAT.

Week 1: space heaters are on. It seems winter will never end.
Week 2: sun's out. you wonder if spring is finally arriving. You hit the beach just for the sand.
Week 3: you are blasting the A/C and wiping the sweat from your brow.

scouting a spot at Shek O - on Easter Sunday afternoon - not a bad way to "do Easter" :)

Easter Dinner - my family laughed out loud when I suggested cooking (?) - So we went to The New Black Sheep - the beachy italian dive we seem to go to every time we're at Shek O Beach. Becoming a bit of a family tradition to eat here after hitting the waves. We love this place!

Black Lights, disco balls, fish tanks, roasted garlic, lamp chops, pasta, pizza, wine... and on Easter - a basket full of boiled eggs (the kids somehow consumed 6 of them before dinner!!)

oh - and the random parrot patron.

this snap from that transition-week on a foggy-but-muggy day... girls tentatively testing the waters on an empty beach

our apartment-living pool is open for business!

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