Tuesday, April 4, 2017

bummin-around DAYBOOK

Outside My Window
Finally out of the dreary, gray, humid fog that blankets this city in February/March...  while cozy at first, that period of living inside of the clouds is so unsettling.
weekend day-trip to Macau
Mom & Dad saw a show, kids and Nimfa went to a cool playroom at The Parisian Hotel

I'm Thinking About
Summer. Just around the corner!

I Don't Want To Forget 
These views. We won't have them next year when we move into the new faculty housing in Repulse Bay - and I won't have them from my classroom windows anymore either.
the new school & our apartments (above / behind)
I'm Learning
about making learning VISIBLE in the classroom - thank you Reggio & Ron Ritchart. It's not until you start messing around with ideas in the classroom that some of these ideas go deeper in understanding.
ABear's student-led-conference
I'm Hearing
Lorde, Perry, Adele.... Let me tell you - since (stupidly) ditching all our CD's when we moved to Hong Kong, I have really struggled. I just haven't made the switch to digital music very well. I think part of that is because forming new habits is HARD... but also - I don't know the names of what I like! I think I used to grab the CD off the shelf by the cover. I guess I'm visual. And I used to blast the radio in the car. No car! We are (finally) starting to get on board with Amazon Prime music. Happy ears!

I'm Reading
Being Mortal - by Atul Gawande
I AM FOREVER CHANGED.  -- I recommend you get a copy immediately.

Around The House
Messes abound. Music plays. Windows are open catching the breeze. 


At Work
Spring Break soon.. then: swimming instead of PE, global-arts-week, read-a-thon, field trips
8.5 weeks left. But who's counting? ;)
school field day
Eating Out (confession - I'm never in the kitchen anymore)
gelato (shaped like roses) with my girls!
After a spicy delish Szechuan dinner. (-watch out for the peppercorns-)

So Very Hong Kong
The restaurant running out of rotisserie on helper-days-off (like today: tomb sweeping day)
(Looks like I'm not the only one not cooking anymore.)

One Of My Favorite Things
the birdsong in Hong Kong

A Less-Than Favorite Thing
mildew and mold - which there is aplenty in honkers

I'm Thankful
for sun

She's thankful for ice rinks & friends!
I'm Planning
a presentation about our trip to Reggio - feels good to consolidate ideas in order to share them... makes you organize them in your brain.

Picture Thoughts :

:: Coach MacSlarrow  :: for the WIN ::
My husband. That's right. 💖   💖


  1. J-Bird is the coach? He the Man!

    1. I know, right!? He's an awesome coach. And they won championship this year!