Friday, April 21, 2017

Secret Walk :: Redhill to Stanley

Redhill Peninsula and Turtle Cove
As it turns out - you can WALK from Redhill (our home) to Stanley! You just scramble into the bushes along a partially hidden (gov't waterworks) stairway and follow the water catchment all the way there.

There are no sidewalks along the roadway - so we've never tried walking even though Stanley is fairly close. This zigzaggy pathway through the forest took us a bit more than an hour with the kids. And they both walked uncomplaining the whole way! Huh - so that's what's up in those hills!

*heart* these Banyan trees!

Pleased with our adventure - we hopped a city bus (50 cents in USD) into Causeway Bay for dim sum!

yum yum DIM SUM! ABear devoured pretty much alllll 3 orders of chicken soup dumpings!
To finish - a walk around the corner for McDonald's soft serve while sitting on the steps of PCCW (another growing tradition).

hike, views, dim sum, and concrete jungle all in an afternoon - check!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful nature walk. You have the greatest kids!