Friday, February 13, 2015

Tian Tan Buddha and Ngong Ping 360

Trekking out from Hong Kong Island to one of the (262) outlying HK islands is one of the many upsides of living here.

A day trip out to Lantau with the family (and visiting friends!!) is well-worth it! There is enough here to merit several different day-trips. (pink dolphins and Disney will have to wait...) We honed in on Ngong Ping 360 and the many-stair-ascension to the biggest Buddha around.

The ginormous bronze Buddha was brought into this lush landscape piece by piece and now stands over 111 feet tall. He faces north, legend has it, to watch over the Chinese people.

I was so happy that BunnyCakes could still fit in the-old-Ergo carrier. She had a sweet little nap while I hoofed it up hundreds of stairs. (My work out for the day!) A-Bear loved exploring, climbing, and getting to go up inside part of the Buddha (to get ice cream, of course.)

Getting here...
Getting anywhere from southside is a bit of a hustle as the MTR doesn't come out to us. Bus + MTR + Cable Car did it!

looong line for the cable car! bring snacks.
The 4-mile cable-car over the sea and through the mountains to the village of Ngong Ping is incredible.

Dad, friends Justin & Joelle, and BearCub

glass bottomed on the way back - oh yeah!

Breathtaking views and an experience in itself - definitely the way to get to Buddha! (Unless you aren't a fan of heights... sorry dadda. You were a good sport!)  We had a yummy lunch in the village (we were too hungry to hike to the Po Lin monastery's famous vegetarian restaurant).

it wouldn't be Asia if someone didn't ask for their photo with the blonde baby :)
 Decorated for Chinese New Year:
Some love for the sheep - Kung Hei Fat Choy! - It's the Year of the Ram!

Chinese New Year tradition: A Wishing Tree - write your wish, tie it to a lucky mandarin orange, and toss it up in the tree!

old cable-car display in the village.... imagine being in this tiny one!

cow number one.... spotted cow number 38 too, but no others
Hooray for a most excellent day! So happy to have spent it with our dear friends, Justin and Joelle!

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  1. Love living vicariously through you!!! But yeah, I'd have had a heart attack in that cable car, I wouldn't even have been able to get ON the glass bottom one!