Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Start of Something Good

She has always been our little "monkey princess" ... since as long as I can remember. She has scrambled up trees in frilly pink frocks, begged us to fling her around and hang her upside down. She climbs on anything that stands still - particularly couches. And a favorite past time is "climbing on the rocks" - which up until now has consisted of balancing on large boulders along the water's edge.

Until Now.

This girl. Our ABear - is officially a ROCK CLIMBER. She signed up for class, and I have never seen her sparkle so brilliantly. She positively radiates! As daddy says, it's like watching a FISH TO WATER. Indeed. A happy match.

Just 2 classes in and she leapt at the chance for a Sunday field trip with her instructor. And she rocked it. Climbing - no-joke-climbing - along the cliffs at Shek-O.

proud dad and watchful coach

rapt audience

Incredible, no?

Time for a beautiful hike home... yes, THIS is Hong Kong too:

spotted some artists painting

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