Friday, April 15, 2016

Disney HK - revisited

Day Trip! Disney Take Two: (#latergram from spring break)

Our epic 14 hour day began with leaving the house at 7:30am (probably a little over ambitious).

virtually SILENT as you drift through throngs of people in Central MTR station

Make us a plan, girls!

no lines - first thing in the morning!

This time - LOTS of princess sightings!!

.... and the highlight princess for our preschooler.... 
Sophia The First (very, very long line!)

Bunny - "I love your amulet. I want to kiss you and hug you."

Lion King Show - loud but good

check out the girl in the background 

cultural differences :: sunglasses or umbrella? // short sleeves or long?

BIG DAY -- Bunny gave mommy her pacifier ("bop") in exchange for a very, very special doll. She had her heart set on an Ariel doll for some time. The big exchange was successful and we are now binky-free! Why do they grow up so fast!??

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  1. Such Fun! The A-bears with princesses are precious. Addie with her new doll is Priceless!