Wednesday, May 4, 2016

movie theatres in HK

Having a live-in-nanny means we get to go on dates. Often. Movie Night - here we come!

The theatre we tend to go to is in Pok Fu Lam - at a place called CyberPort which looks and feels just like the name.

Going to the movies here is really growing on me, I have to say. I miss the "extra butter" of the USA theatres... but I've become quite partial to the "half-n-half" popcorn here. Half salty, half sweet. YUM! Another thing to love is that you can buy beer, wine, etc at the counter before going in - ta da! Also - you choose your seats when you buy your ticket. So that means, you can skip the previews and still get a great seat.

But lest you want to skip the previews.... check this video out. It is the typical pre-show movie and it cracks me up. every. single. time. I mean - seriously.


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  1. Date nights are the b-e-s-t. And I can totally picture you cracking up while sipping beer and eating sweet-and-salty popcorn, watching a preview like this. :)