Thursday, December 29, 2016

HK DisneyLand

We love this Magical Place!

Two years in a row - we have gone to Hong Kong Disney for a night the week before Christmas. We could do it in a day (one hour door to door via public transit)... but it's much more fun to stay a night at the Disney hotel and do a two-day package. What luck to live in a city where Disney is. Staycation at its best.

Addie survived two consecutive days without a nap - epic for her (and v much recouped the following days!). Ains was the executive planner, more or less. A few things to know about HK Disney if you go with your fam:
- the food is generally terrible.
- the princesses are awesome.
- there are hardly any lines before 11:00a.m. Go early. It's worth it.
- crowds multiply after 3:00 p.m.
- the afternoon parade is a must.
- buffet at Hollywood Hotel is fantastic.
- you can store your luggage at Disney entrance for $100 hkd per bag.

Princesses galore! And oh, how they doted on our own...

"mini me"?? (Her greatest wish is to grow up and turn into Elsa.)


Hong Kong represents in Small World...

Favorites: Dumbo, Slinky Dog, Winnie The Pooh...

yep, we are the loud Americans... 

Daddy's favorite: River ride

This time (first ever) we discovered another advantage of getting to Disney early - and letting your preschooler wear her coveted princess dress... Addie was given special VIP status. An exclusive entry pass for pink-seats front-row for the parade. And then a special moment IN the parade. I think she liked it. 

special attention from her new BFF :) hahahaha! They had a little conversation here in the parade - it was priceless!

she's checking her ID card to see whether each of the princesses in the picture are accounted for. seriously.

spot our blondie in the parade? Not shy, this one.

more experiences...

ah - THE CAR - this car... is what Addie wandered off to last year when we lost her in Disney. It was a terrifying moment. One that she remembers - and she talked about as we rode into Disney this time. Boy, was she happy to revisit this car with parents nearby this go-round. 

mystic mansion - similar to the haunted house in LA - but also v different.
First time. Ainsley (8) loved it! 

Tarzan's Treehouse - the "baby in the tree" had Addie entranced here for a very, very long time!

like I said, the food is bad. So might as well do a street-dog.

can't keep this girl from climbing stuff.
 ... and that's a wrap. On the way home in the Disney-Train. Tired and happy. 

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