Thursday, February 23, 2017

Livin' The Dream

A little slice of heaven came our way.

Grandparents came "this side"! The kids were jumping out of their skin they were so excited.

There is something so grounding and at the same time so magical about having family come visit when you live thousands upon thousands of miles away. It validates your life, somehow, and makes you think of all the reasons you *love* being an expat.

You show off all the good stuff - and in the process, you remember why you do this crazy thing even though it's hard to live far away from the people you love most and the life that used to be familiar.

I mean, really, these guys! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Ways our Hong Kong life is better because they came:

1. our house feels warmer
2. we text a lot more now
3. home doesn't seem SO far away
4. I am reminded of so many things here that i love
5. BONUS: we feel more connected to the life they lived here 25 years ago

As if it wasn't enough to have the 'parental units' witness our life here and inadvertently remind us that we are indeed living our own dream... why not a little vacay together to the Andaman Sea?

photo cred: Grandpa Jack 

Phuket, Thailand ::
white sands. clear water. fresh food. zen vibe. 

Kamala Beach ::
Shallow forever. Gentle surf. Loungers. Local food stands and restaurants all along the beach. People are here, but it doesn't feel crazy-crowded. One local guy even jet-skiid home to get us a paddle board to try. Incredibly kid-friendly.

photo cred: Grandpa Jack

oh - to be eight with the ocean to yourself!

Dinner each night at chillax Thai restaurants on the sand ::

 Lanterns !!!!  (make a wish, and send it up to heaven)

South Kamala Beach ::
Romantic. Peaceful. Private. What a find, Grandpa Jack! Perfect place for an in-law villa.

watching the hermit crabs

These explorers (husband and daughter) trekked all the way around the point... along the rocks... back to our beach! HER STORY {told in a single breath} "mom! mom! It was amazing! An octopus inked, we got stuck in quick-sand, we found a water snake, and a bird shouted right when I said 'be loud'!!"

observing the local clam digging procedure

~ Time to CELEBRATE somebody's 70th birthday ~

photo cred: birthday boy

Our Hotel :: Sunwing Kamala
Easily one of the most kid-friendly places we've been to. Free food for the kids. Kid-Buffet at their height. Cartoons on at breakfast. Child-friendly entertainment every night on a small stage. Mommy water-aerobics by day. A little too large for my typical taste - but all in all, a great place for families.

Bernie! Lollo! (like celebrities)

playroom with craft projects

this girl found her inner-thai.
coconuts and cashew-chicken please!
Old Phuket Town ::
shops. architecture. flavor. and a hotel from the movie "The Beach".

Day trip :: catamaran ride

Bit of an incident with a jelly fish. 

We dropped anchor just off the secluded Buddha Island. Pristine water looked so inviting - so we decided to snorkel to shore. ABear had an uncanny feeling that it wasn't safe to swim. After finally coercing her into the water (normally an avid swimmer/sea explorer), and repeatedly saying yelling that there were NO JELLYFISH to be worried about...  a massive one bumped into Bunny, stinging her arm and torso, just barely missing daddy. Amid tears and screams, we managed to haul the girls the rest of the way to shore to enjoy the secluded Buddha Island of the finest white-white sand.

Ever-Watchful after that.
keeping a weather-eye on yet another jelly-fish

A day like that'll tire a girl out
take me to shore! (Nai Harn in the distance)

still watching...

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