Saturday, September 16, 2017

summer 2017 :: The Farm

Hoehn Bend Farm :: Skagit County, Washington (a farm-stay)

The best thing that happened this summer was our 3-night stay at Hoehn Bend Farm. It was everything we needed.

Protected quality time with grandparents who each came to spend a day with us. Priceless. Together, we fed the animals, learned about farming, and witnessed the spontaneous wonders of farm life. No cell phones, no TV, no to-do-lists, no drama, no concrete... just the vibrancy of living things, each other, and a big open sky. Farm-fresh eggs, homemade jam. Healing. Peaceful. Sublime.

DAY 1 - my mom (Nana) and stepdad (Grandpa Joe)

moving the ladies to their day-time-coop

Tending these chickens every morning and night was an absolute delight! The joy of discovering a warm egg fresh in the nest!! The girls started checking several times a day  - just to feel the magic of it in their hands.

One particular sassy chick ALWAYS flew the coop - tussling herself out of the cart on the journey. Perhaps it was too bumpy for her taste? Or perhaps she's a tad too independent for such group outings.

Bunny Cakes became quite proficient with the "chicken stick" and with using all the sounds and coos to cajole these hens to where they needed to go.

Farmer Terry! Farmer Terry has to be one of the most incredible people we've ever met. Formerly a school teacher (of course!) he is an avid teacher of all things "farm". Warm, friendly, personable, and kind - we couldn't get enough of our new friend. He happily shared about life on the farm, asked about ours in Hong Kong, and oft times dropped what he was doing in order to surprise us with something he thought we'd enjoy or to appease the whim of one of our girls.

driving lessons  - never too young for a stick-shift!

Relaxing, but never a dull moment. A new calf being born during our lunch - off we go!

Best photo-string: 
(amazing, my dear husband!)

Yes, I drove this thing! Even fed cattle with it!
The girls wanted to stay up and do farm chores all-by-themselves. Watching them in this element - independent, confident, focused, with such purpose and calm... observing them in their own worlds... tugs on a momma's heart. The girls crashed into their beds. My mom and I stayed up late playing Scrabble (our favorite). 

hey, little inventor -- back away from the work bench!

DAY 2 - Dasha and Grandpa Jack (Jasper's folks) and his sisters, Rachel & Heather

Farmer Terry & Farmer Jean took us on a hay ride through Christmas-Tree-Lane and his mom's treasured corner... Mother's Grove, was it? Such a fun afternoon! 

Another calf born!! This one needed some help - witnessed my first "cow pulling". Looks like intensely difficult work. Well done, Farmers! Mamma Bossy Cow was appreciative too - so sweet to watch her nuzzle and nudge Terry after the successful delivery.

this guy was left behind by the herd - whoops!

and... the most touching moment... ABear's personal highlight:

Thus ended a magical, healing few days on Hoehn Bend Farm. Can't wait to return!

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  1. Wow! Looks like an incredible adventure! Hope you can do it again next year.