Friday, June 15, 2018


WHOOSH! There went 4 months.
Seriously. How did that HAPPEN!?

still loving this city :: setting intentions to get downtown more often

kids are all FISH :: they get it from daddy

the school's indoor pool is amazing


first time in the pool - he LOVES it!

we joined a club! :: family club Maggie & Rose :: it's amazing. will write about it soon!

Fourth grade :: scientists / presentation of author J.K. Rowling / received "most generous" award

After School Activities :: Baseball & RockClimb for big girl / Dance & Swim for little

representing the LADIES on a mostly boy co-ed team - Go, Ainsley!

THE STAGE was made for her
got us a CAR :: whoop!

super-dad takes the bigs camping  ::

watching the kids do amazing things ::

Addie makes observational drawings and writes letter strings to tell about them!! 

Ainsley sets up her own experiments .. here testing whether compliments or mean remarks make a difference in plant growth... turns out they DO!

visiting OCEAN PARK :: Hong Kong's amusement park and aquarium

Chinese New Year :: Year of the Dog

cultivating friendships ::

on a junk boat trip

we're all having babies together!!!

saying good-bye to our dearest babysitter :: Ella, you are a ROCKSTAR - off to college!!

messing around :: play!!!

getting our ZEN on

she loves Buddha

and what you've been scrolling fast to find :: loving our BABY

my, how he's grown!





physiotherapy - because he's a bit lopsided!

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