Monday, August 6, 2018

Hong Kong Science Museum

What to do on a Rainy Day?

A question we ask ourselves much of the summer in Hong Kong. Here, summer means monsoons, typhoons and icky-sticky-hot-days. So off to the Museum we trekked - along with half of the city, it felt like!

Despite the line to get in, we had a wonderful afternoon. 90 minutes well spent - and plenty of science to explore when we go back again as we saw less than half of it.

So much to see and do in the the permanent exhibits alone --- plus there is a special seasonal exhibit for a little extra $$ (which we didn't do this time). Mirrors, optical illusions, magnets, air pressure, logic puzzles, dinosaurs, planes, physics..... the works. Completely interactive and engaging. We had so much fun - I forgot to take pictures for most of our time there!

At appointed times, a GIANT MARBLE ROLL takes action - and what a sight with marble after marble being released into the larger than life maze that fills multiple floors. What fun it must have been to dream that up!

Then - out into the pouring rain to catch the subway to dinner....

they refused umbrellas - hot shower, anyone?
 Dim Sum !!!!!! Our favorite dumplings. Great ending to another rainy old day in Honkey Town.

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