Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Star Ferry

Amid setting up bank, phone, Hong Kong ID cards (long story), and shopping for furniture, silverware, pillows, mattresses, soap, etc. we took a few hours to enjoy the historic Star Ferry.

The Star Ferry has been in operation since 1880! The fleet was named after a Tennyson poem. The sailors still moor the ship by tossing a rope to another sailor who catches it with a long stick. It crosses Victoria Harbour, taking passengers between Hong Kong Island Side and Kowloon Side. (everything here has a "side".... For example, we live "South Side." Hence the play in the blog title word SIDE.

We got our tokens (HK$2 which is about 25 cents each) and immensely enjoyed the 10 minute ride!

Docked Kowloon Side and headed onto the promenade in sweltering heat!

Venders were selling photos... Or trying to. Many folks stopped us to take their photo with the blonde baby for good luck. Should've charged them!

Performing Arts! Incredible facility!

So many sights and such a good day!

ABear's hair gets wavy here! gorgeous!

Had to make this purchase before heading back to the Island. I think it was made in someone's home. Just sayin'. Olaf looks a bit wobbly.

Hot, sweaty, and happy! Thank you, star ferry! See you again real soon!

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  1. Looks AMAZING! I can't wait to come visit in the next few years. I'm sure ABear will surpass my chopstick skills. Let her know she'll have to give me some lessons when I get there. Miss you!

  2. Fascinating. I've always had an interest in the Far East.