Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sampan Ride

Today we somewhat spontaneously hitched a ride just for fun.

We'd read about how there are sampan boats often making themselves available for tours or as water taxis in Aberdeen. So we went to check it out.

Sure enough, as we leaned over the promenade to take in the view, a sampan boat driver waved us to join her. Twist my arm!

For $60 HKD each (less than $8) we enjoyed a beautiful and delightful ride. The driver (sweet, toothless, and using grunts and gestures to communicate ) coaxed the girls with cookies and candy, even letting them "drive "... succeeding in Bunny allowing her to pat that golden head. We met a couple who live on a boat (they were getting groceries). They rent it. I didn't even that as a possibility! So Clever! We saw the famous floating restaurant, fishermen, yachts, and more.

Then we got lost in the labyrinth of Aberdeen, trying to follow the elusive signs to toys r us. We did eventually find it. Signage and shopping will have to be a different post. What a big topic!

Here's Aberdeen: (a small bit, anyhow)

Found the toy store! Whew! These next photos are folks in the street. I think they are burning paper money and such for the Hungry Ghost Festival. Want a good story? Google that.

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