Friday, August 15, 2014

Around the Flat

Lucky for us, we are used to small spaces. Prefer them, actually.

Our flat (that's what apartments are called around here) is about 1000 square feet. That's quite large by HK standards. A friend recently told me hers is 420! It's still smaller than our DC townhouse. However, there are PERKS.

The view, for one. It's breathtaking and I don't think we will ever come to take it for granted. That particular blue green. The lush hills. Hawks gliding past at window height. Strange sounds of nature mixed with distant voices from boats. But mostly.... Just very, very quiet. It's quite peaceful.

We sent very little on the ship (which hasn't arrived yet), and have only purchased the basics so far. But we've made a point to swim in the pool nearly every day. And to just chill at the house so we all can settle in.

Here is a smattering of hanging out in our flat.

That last was our first dinner in our new home. Before we owned a fridge or washer dryer, or anything, really. A special "camp in" night!

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  1. Seeing your first dinner in your new "digs" reminds me of the first dinner your mother made just after we were married! You guys sure look like you are enjoying all the new sights, sounds (and smells?). Sure enjoy seeing these posts.