Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Fancy an afternoon outdoors? Don't mind hiking 400+ steps? Then this is the Monastery for you! It's worth the climb.

this pagoda is featured on the HKD $100 note - you can actually go inside this one!

Founded in 1949, and taking 18 years to complete the buildings plus over 12,000 Buddha statues... sprawled over a large space in Sha Tin - the new territories.... but closer than you think. Accessible by MTR or a 35 minute taxi from our house on southside. (Though I hear it's difficult to find the entrance when walking from the MTR.)

500 Gilded life-size Arhan statues flank your steep climb uphill.

for a girl who wants many babies... :) ha!
 After the climb, we reached a largeish flat area called "lower portion" where the main temple and a small covered (shade!) restaurant lie. A nice spot for a cool drink and a rest and lots of exploration.

No, we didn't see any monkeys - but we had our eyes peeled for them! 

Mommy! This one is REALLY tall!

worshippers in action (check out the extra long arm on the statue in the back)

Inside the Main Building - there are over 12,000 mini buddha statues each with a different posture. They gleam from the shelves along the walls up to the high ceiling. It really is a sight to behold. This space held a still-but-electric feeling - one that makes you exhale and look around a bit.

clandestine photo - no photos allowed inside
Inside this main building sits the remains of Reverend Yuet Kai (founder of this monastery). As per his wish, his body was excavated eight months (lucky number 8) after burial and embalmed with Chinese lacquer and gold. He now sits in the center of the temple. For real.

Then - there are MORE steps! You can just keep following pathways. Lots to see here. Even a pool of swimming turtles!

this guy is massive - carved into the mountainside

view of Sha Tin from high terrace

monks having a photo moment

Despite a little mishap with a lit joss stick, the kids had a good day and were uber-happy.  Totally do-able with children (we spent roughly 90 minutes) and an incredibly unique place.

Bunny Cakes now carries her "Buddha Baby" with her all the time. She even insists on sleeping with him most nights: 


  1. Seriously amazing. So many steps, so many statues!

    1. Seriously -- you all are having way too much fun!! Cool pictures, thank you for sharing!!

  2. Fascinating...absolutely fascinating! Would love to see it myself.