Sunday, May 3, 2015

This and That

Here's what we've been up to these last few weeks. 

Lazy Sunday morning ART in PJ's.

Pool Time! Made the most of it this 3-day weekend!!

The real highlight of the weekend, though, is the beginning of ...
POTTY TRAINING. Wish us luck!

Stanley -
The week doesn't feel quite complete without a trip to Stanley. Groceries, haircuts, errands. Juke-Box take-over at Smuggler's and an after-dinner ice cream next to the pirate-ship-playground.

We welcomed another Capitol Hill DC family to Hong Kong. We are so happy some of our peeps have moved here! Amazingly they lived just 4 blocks from our house there, but we needed to move across the world before connecting. Took them out for Dim Sum at one of our favorite restaurants!
Din Tai Fung restaurant - yummy!
Dance Performance - Watched my amazing teachers perform.
Funny photo-op. Hooray CCDC!

Private Kitchen -
These are all the rage here in HK and most (if not all) are completely off the grid. Chefs rent space in abandoned (or nearly so) old industrial buildings and transform it into a kitchen/dining area for hosting. There is little to no signage - so it feels a bit secretive and fun when you stumble around trying to find these places. Went to a dinner-party with friends at this one last week:
Unmarked door - nearly missed it ... thank goodness for the 1C on the wall above the pencil sketch. 
 Around the House -
Sophia The First cupcakes - just for fun 
Daddy was in charge.
Ask me no questions.


Addie and a few neighborhood friends

Eating Out
Food in HK is everything they say it is and more. A few from recent recon:
-Carbone - Italian (AAAAHMAZING! Bookclub & went back for date night.)
-Limewood - Beach BBQ (whole entire fish on a plate - and it was divine!)
-Ham & Sherry - tapas... lots of meat and lots of wine - funky and tiny

Last weekend- we made it to the famous JUMBO Floating Restaurant. It's the largest floating restaurant in the world. Food was ok. Atmosphere was fun! Getting there on a Sampan was fabulous.

restaurant DRESS UP station! YES!!



Not all Roses & Rainbows
Our apartment building is absolutely under siege by construction. Nearly a full third of the flats in the towers are under renovation. Can you imagine? The jack hammers and drills going through concrete - all - day - long! Vibrating our house so badly that things have fallen off the shelf. Our Helper has to take Addie to a friend's house for naptime every day, it's so bad. The play areas are cordoned off due to falling debris. I will be happy when this is over. They say September. Sigh.
Bamboo scaffolding on our tower. It's above, below, and beside our flat.

Yes, I do work. School has been busy too. Teaching here means that something special is happening every single week. In addition to the rigorous curriculum, preparations for placement, my formal observation, staff meetings and a few parent conferences... in the last 2 weeks we've hosted a read-a-thon for our Heifer International Service Project and celebrated International Week. The kids dress up, there is a huge assembly and parade, lots of related art projects. I took 4 rotating classes "camping in America". Tents, S'mores, the whole bit. Brought the girls back to school at night for an African drum jam.


  1. Wow, so much adventure. Man construction is never fun =( so sorry hope they really are done by September. All that eating out makes me a bit jealous! hehe

  2. Yay for potty training! And yay for daddy being in charge!

    I can't imagine what a pain the construction must be. Blah. :(

    The Jumbo looks fantastic.