Sunday, August 23, 2015

Going Stateside

What a long time it has been! Hello there! 

As any self-respecting expat family does, we traveled home during the summer holiday. Three weeks visiting friends and family on both coasts and four cities. An exhilarating whirlwind. An emotional ride. A fulfilling journey.

After one year living abroad, it meant so much to be able to touch ground in our old haunts and sling hugs around our peeps. It connected us tangibly, physically, to life as we knew it before this grand adventure. Time and meals with family, while we live so far away, are extra special. Most times I was so absorbed "in the moment" that I forgot to snap a photo! [sorry to those who aren't featured here today. Know that you are loved!]

We are SO BLESSED to have two AMAZING little travellers - who love airplane rides!
First Stop: Washington DC
Our old 'Hood. Daycare Pals. Nursery Pals. Neighboorhood Pals. Kindergarten Pals. Teacher Pals. Mommy Pals. A tooth lost (very bloody). A midnight dinner (jetlag!). Utz chips. Real cheddar. Peregrine Coffee. Yards Park. Bowling. Swimming. Eating. Playing. Working (daddy). Catching Up.

our old house

3:00 a.m. wake ups = lots of playground time

Proud to be an American!
the girls insisted on these flags at the airport from DC
Next Stop: Spokane, WA
Auntie "Sawah", Uncle Andy, and all the cousins a kid could wish for. :) Walmart. Dentist. Green Bluff. Kiddie Pool (and the hazards therein). Trampoline. A sprained ankle. Goat stuffed dates. Hamburgers. Evening hike. Scrabble (with a twin on each knee). Sister time.

happy birthday, daddy!

Next Stop:: Seattle, WA
Mini Road Trip. The Old Spaghetti Factory. Dear friends. Brunch. Auntie Lisa, Uncle Jimmy, Chris & Megan. Fondu. A parade.


Somehow didn't capture a pic with my 2 BFFs from high school - but got one of all our kids!

Final Stop: Ferndale, WA (and Bellingham!)
Home Sweet Home. Grandparents - ALL of them! Aunts Haylie, Rachel, Heather. More Cousins. Bagelry. Boundary Bay. Casa Que Pasa's amazing potato burrito. Scrabble night with moms. Fish Tacos. Another tooth lost. Berry picking. Old growth forest. Nooksack River. Lodge. Ultra-fresh air. Potluck. HighSchool Reunion. Rep Company Dance Class.

inside the tree!


The grandkid wall of fame - yup, that's 19 of them.

has it really been 20 years!?

Thanks for the great memories, everyone! And the love.
We miss you very much.
See you next summer - if you don't get to HonkeyTown before then. :)


  1. Ohhhhhh the hazards of the kiddie pool! We miss you like crazy. Clara asks for Addie all the time.

    Already looking forward to next year!

    1. :) Thought you'd like that kiddie pool comment! We'll laugh about that one ALL YEAR. We are also excited for our next visit and will have to skype soon.

  2. What fun it is to see pictures from your trip. Makes me miss you all even more!! Caroline was asking to have a play date with Ainsley recently. She wondered how long it would take to get to your house. :)

    1. hahahahaha!!! Love it! Just a jaunt, really. :)