Thursday, September 3, 2015

Street Art - in Stanley Market

Stanley Market doesn't open until the shopkeepers feel good and ready - as most of Hong Kong. So, when I hauled myself out of bed for a morning yoga session... I discovered the beauty of The Market in the stillness before it opens...

The corrugated shutters have been magically transformed! A few months ago (March 2015) a street art group called HKWalls took action as part of their art festival. Artists were flown in from around southeast Asia and all of us get to benefit. SouthSide gets better and better. Brilliant.

There's something really wonderful about the quiet market just waiting for the buzz of people that will fill it shoulder-to-shoulder within hours. And little human reminders that people live here as well as work here. I hope to walk further next time and see more of the hidden gems of art here.

Before it opens....

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