Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Hike and a Hidden Waterfall

Hong Kong loves Secret Things...

Secret Bars.
Secret Restaurants.
and - it turns out - secret waterfalls. (there are websites devoted to them!)

Every year we get a day off of school for Chung Yeung. Hungry Ghost Festival. Double Nines. 9th day of 9th lunar month. People visit graveyards. And climb mountains. (!?) Going for high ground will bring good luck, based on a very old superstition.

To get there:
Tai Tam Reservoir. (just around corner from our house) But not the main entrance. Go on the other side of our narrow bridge and you'll see this signpost at the road's edge. Follow the path.

Cross a couple bridges, climb a hill, and then you'll see a wood-plank bridge and some stairs. Turn left just before going up. Easiest way down is after the wood-plank bridge. But ABear (rock climber as she is) preferred the steeper path:

Well-worn by feet, there is a narrow, bumpy, rocky way down to the waterfall. Let the sound of the fall guide you. I recommend wearing toddlers on your back for this part.

A nice place to get away from the hustle-bustle. I'm sure it's roaring after a good rain.

Time to walk back. By going forward around the reservoir. Maybe another hour.
Those buildings in the distance? That's HKIS and our home.

Hop on a double-decker bus to Stanley for dinner. There'll be no cooking tonight!

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