Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Girls Only - Bangkok

"Prepare for take off!"
Thanks to the wonderful husbands we have -- we were able to get away for a little moms-retreat.

All-Girls-Weekends are the best!!! This amazing group of gals (mostly moms, all teachers) flew to Bangkok for an epic weekend away this September. What's that? Yes, Bangkok. Thailand! It's close enough to HK that we could fly out after school on a Friday and return Sunday evening. I mean, seriously, a GREAT perk of living in HK is the easy-travel.

Shouldn't someone stay with the luggage??  
Bit of drama at the airport -- we watched as hot tempers flared, security guards were called, and glass doors closed mid-boarding (leaving one mom solo on the other side for a few scary minutes!). The aggressive and intoxicated offender was denied boarding (thankfully) and all was well in the end.

Epic weekend contained: sunbathing, hours upon hours at the pool, yummy drinks, healthy spa-like food at the boutique hotel, facials, a thai-massage (amazing!), a night out dancing, a 7-course dinner, and loads of satisfying conversation. It was wildly strange and wonderful to think about my own travel-bag instead of cross checking mental lists about dollies, blankies, diapers, sippy cups, books....

~ Iron Fairies ~ 
This bar is so mysterious and magical! Dark corners, secret doors, thousands of glass jars filled with glitter, gargoyles (fairies), and clever cocktails with a live band. 

From there, now bespeckled with glitter, we went to this gorgeous house where themed rooms served as private dinner parties. A seven course dinner and several party games later, we spilled out into the night.

Time to get our dance on...

nothing says Bangkok like a super-speedy Tuk Tuk ride!!
For many of us, this was the first time away leaving husbands with kids. (WHY have I not done this before!!???) It was such a sweet group - everyone understood when one of us had a moment of panic, worry, apprehension, or just complete discombobulation. (Daddy did GREAT!! Thank you, honey. xoox). Repeat soon, please!?

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