Thursday, January 7, 2016

Koh Samui - Thailand :: 8 nights, 5 kids, 2 mishaps

Get ready for a deluge of photos. And a little bit of paradise.

Thailand - 
Coconuts. Sun. Fresh air. The food! Reverential palm-together-greetings. Thai massage! Iced Tea. Friendly. Spiritual.

Travel Time! With these pumpkins...
Thailand is a short hop, skip and a jump away from Hong Kong. 

Well, hello.

Coconut trees everywhere - koh samui is the source of coconuts the world over.
And I'm here to tell you that they taste DIVINE.

Mommy found a water sport she loves!!
Traveling with friends  -
GROUP VACATION! We got to spend the whole week with these guys. Such fun! Jasper's best friend, Ted, lives a few hours north of HK in Shanghai. They are both pretty stoked to be living in the same hemisphere.  Friends of theirs, and now dear friends of ours, joined us as well.

game night

Don't miss Greg - on the left!
 Boys being boys - Greg, Ted & Jasper

 - and a little girl to imitate them -

the ladies - 

Around the villa  - 

Thank you, Michelle! Way to plan the villa-life! Our in-villa chef, Nuch, arrived by 7:00 every morning (with her 2-man staff) to prepare breakfast. We selected an array of Thai dishes each day from her menu for lunch and dinner. Spectacular food! Better, even, than the local restaurants we tried!

soft-shell crab, grilled lobster, black-pepper squid, morning glory, pad thai, fresh whole fish, sweet/sour, fried rice, corn fritters, shrimp cakes....

not a bad view

The pool - 


Kid's Club - 

Elephants -
Admittedly, not the most animal-friendly choice. These poor elephants. Jane Goodall would be appalled that we supported this tour-driven place with our money. But.... well.... a certain little girl had her heart set on seeing elephants while in Thailand and we took the opportunity that presented itself. 

Meet Sandy, the elephant. Sandy loves to eat bananas!

Now, a vacation wouldn't really be a vacation without some misfortune. The low-lights of this trip:
  1. death of a cell phone
  2. head lice
Need I say more? 

Jasper's phone bit it when he jumped in after ABear who had slipped in the current of a waterfall during a hike. He's a quick grab - those life-guard skills still come in handy! Lesson: don't try to slide down wild waterfalls, no matter how small they look.


Bear & Greg got the windy seats on the ride home!

and.... LICE:

Day Trip - in a LONGBOAT -
From Koh Samui, it's easy to hop a boat to any number of nearby islands. This might be my favorite memory from the trip.

Look closely - there are people living here!!


Good-bye, longboat adventure and secluded beach! Back to the Villa (behind BunnyCakes)

Farewell, Villa on the far side of the island. Now - for a night in a smaller hotel near the airport...


our map reader / treasure hunter

Dinner on the beach at an al-fresco restaurant. 
 ....and sent off a magic lantern prayer (just like in Tangled!)!

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  1. Beautiful photos Bear! What an amazing trip. A-bear sure looked pooped at the hotel on the way back!