Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas 2015

Great Grandma Helen's recipe for Christmas sugar cookies ~~ YUMMMM!

Off to Christmas Eve Service - at St John's Cathedral.
St John's is impressive, old, and gorgeous. Foundation stones laid in 1847! Situated in the heart of downtown with iconic buildings (HSBC, Bank of China Building, Cheung Kong, etc.) towering above it.

Arriving one hour early allowed us the opportunity to find the very last 2 consecutive seats! This place became grossly overcrowded real fast. They were prepared - they had set up a large screen for live-footage of the service in both the annex next door and the outdoor garden area (which became FULL).

J & I managed to squeeze into the aisle next to the girls thanks to this guy on the right who found a few extra folding chairs somewhere.

candles in oranges! with symbolic decorations. too busy monitoring that flame and enjoying the service to get photos during.

A new Hong Kong tradition perhaps? After church, we hopped onto the longest escalator in the world - to find a restaurant for dinner out.

All restaurants were either fully-booked or only offered (extremely expensive) pre-set dinners. Not to worry! We crashed a TexMex joint and ate on metal chairs. No complaints from me - our bellies were happy!

Christmas morning *MAGIC*

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