Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sundays :: in Shau Kei Wan and Wong Tai Sin

Every Sunday I hop on the MTR and go north.

Shau Kei Wan - the MTR station nearest our home (about 10 minutes by apartment-shuttle) is my starting point. It's a place worthy of exploration all on its own, and I hope to come back just to wander some more. Certainly more of an old-school Chinese feel here.

"Wet Market"

I haven't a clue what most of this stuff is!

No refrigeration of meat around here... (even in hottest summer)

Many stops and two transfers later, I arrive in Wong Tai Sin: Kowloon side. Wong Tai Sin is where the old squatter village Chuk Yuen once thrived - until the government tore it down to erect high rises.

some squatters remain, tucked in between the bustle
 The smell of roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes greet me every Sunday afternoon:

The stunning taoist temple survived the gentrification.

My purpose for going to Wong Tai Sin each week isn't to visit the temple, however, it's to attend dance class. A Cantonese-language modern dance class at a stellar dance company. I am so grateful that it is here!! It's worth the weekly trek.

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  1. Fascinating place. Love the Bach combined with modern dance! Very cool!