Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fall Flurry

So many small things have happened over the past weeks - here is a 'catching up' post. 

Beach Time -
Hong Kong does November right. Shek O beach is one of our favorite afternoon destinations. Close to our house. Restaurants nearby. And a lady sets up chairs & umbrella for about $1 USD. A blissfully relaxing place.

That bed project? Done. (happy find: zero VOC paint)


 A care-package in the mail with USA stuff brings a special kind of happy!

Thank you, Justin & Joelle!!!
Things in HK that we love...

These will be my downfall!

"chinese herbal" - medicine that really works!!

 Potty trained ... well.... sort of. :)

Hanging at the house... 

Out and About:

Elton John concert - on a school night! :) yeehaw!
 running errands... in the streets of HK...

Weekends in Stanley (always!)

Bear & I tried this group jump-rope - unsuccessfully!

ice cream from the dour lady at the corner store
Midlevels with a dear friend for pedis and dinner:

Cook-Out with our apartment-pals:

Thanksgiving with friends:

football - laptop style

all of the Amahs

Funny antics

For 3 days straight - she insisted on wearing her 3D glasses to watch cartoons.

She also aggressively asks to bake something every Saturday morning.
She picks a photo in the kids' cookbook and begs to make it -
sometimes as early as 5:30 a.m.!

And finally - preparations for Christmas:

school tree-lighting ceremony at night

yep, still shorts weather some days

ABear's Christmas Show
Our girl is the one in the red dress & santa hat - rockin it out up front:

This preschool warms my heart something fierce!

Only in Hong Kong do you need to 'take a number'
...and purchase a ticket days in advance enabling you to 'take a number' to see the big guy.

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