Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hong Kong Disney

There is a Disneyland right here in Hong Kong! It's smaller than Anaheim or Orlando - but it's magical and it's DISNEY!

You can stay at one of the two Disney hotels - which we did - and get a Hong Kong resident package discount. Certainly could just do a day trip. Hmm... maybe we should go for the resident's annual pass??

  • get to Disney when it opens (not till 10:30!) ... no lines. 
  • pack some snacks.
  • bring that stroller if you want (more stroller friendly than Orlando, I'd say).
  • see the parade (3:00 and after dark).
  • get your ticket in advance (online, at the hotel, or even at the kiosk at Central MTR station).
  • see the fireworks - we saw them from our hotel window and they were spectacular.
  • expect rude people. So many line-cutters, line-savers, and the like. It was obnoxious. Just don't let it ruin your own experience.

  • be confused by the lines at the gate. Some lines are for purchasing tickets, others are for entering after you've got your ticket. 
  • plan on good food inside the park. It's actually quite terrible - from our experience.
  • do the photo pass - we hear, anyhow, that it's not worth it.
  • count on seeing characters. Day one we saw 3 (which were positioned with very long lines for people wanting photos). Day two there were more.
  • worry about the fast-pass. Only 2 or 3 rides that it pertains to, anyhow. Though I imagine some days are far more crowded than when we went.
  • expect the peppy, over-happy staff that work at Orlando or Anaheim. These Disney folks were friendly enough - but weren't over-the-top smiley nor helpful. You make a bit of your own magic at this location.

Door to Gate took us one hour. We took a taxi from Tai Tam to Central, then took the MTR all the way in. It drops you right at the front gate of Disney. We took some extra time shuttling to the hotel to check in and drop our luggage, but it was easy enough.

It's downright eerie how quietly large crowds move in Hong Kong. This isn't the largest crowd on the MTR that day - but it's a small sample of how strangely quiet everyone is....

Two days are good for exploring. Don't underestimate it just because it's smaller. Two days allowed us to relax, take breaks when we felt like it, and re-do favorite rides.

Our favorites? *Teacups*Winnie The Pooh*Carousel*Jungle Cruise*

ABear and daddy enjoyed both days. Mommy had to bring BunnyCakes home the morning of our second day. Terrible timing for getting sick! I'm itching to go back and do the things we didn't get to on the first day!

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