Saturday, December 26, 2015

Little Rock Climber

She's at it again!

Our monkey-princess.... climbing Shek-O cliffs with her coach. Having this real-life, real-rock experience is incredible. Bit more windy this time...

check out the crevasse below

Nearly flat here - how does she find grip??

Rock climbing, as she is learning it, is far more than just scaling mountains. It's about perseverance, grit, and effort. It's about building confidence. It's learning that you can conquer your fears.

practice after school

she's up top - going for the black, inclined wall

The day of the climb is also a day of fresh air and adventure for the whole family...

Hong Kong is not all high-rise and city-scape.


  1. Wow - over the ocean surf? Now that's some moxi! I'll just watch from here :) Cool!

    1. Oops - I meant the rock climbing girl - wow

    2. Seriously. She blows me away - amazing, right??!! Now to impress upon her the necessity of that harness and a coach nearby when she climbs rocks...