Monday, December 21, 2015

the haircut

There comes a time in every young girls' life where she must cut her own hair.

It's a rite of passage. Or something.

We have come to that time.

I picked up ABear from a playdate one afternoon to discover she had cut her own hair. Her friend had kindly offered to "even it out" for her. Do I laugh or put on my stern-mother hat?? Well, which would you do?

A trip to the salon turned her into a mini Uma Thurman. Gah!


So we raced home and took her hair into our own hands. Nothing to do about those bitty bangs. Perhaps this is the appropriate look to accompany our toothless wonder of a girl?


  1. Love the blog. Great pics, great story, great ending. You have quite a character there!!!!!

  2. I think this experience is a "right of passage" for many little girls. The way I look at it? It'll grow back. She's a cutie no matter what her hair looks like. Hugs and kisses...