Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Night Away :: Taipei, Taiwan

It feels good to take advantage of all the travel available to us living in Hong Kong! Taipei was a short 90 minute flight on a comfortable airline - and from my favorite airport in the world, Hong Kong. It's so efficient and pleasant. For the first time in my life, I joined Jasper on a work trip out of the country sans kiddos.

With strong mixed emotions we departed - and proceeded to have a BLAST in this intriguing city.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

89 steps to represent Chiang Kai Shek's 89 years of life
Here we witnessed the changing of the guard. It was more akin to an elaborate soldier-dance to my lens. Plenty of choreographic inspiration in this meticulous and somber ceremony. A highlight of the trip.

Taiwan - Officially the "Republic of China" whereas mainland China is "The People's Republic of China". Taiwan - the island where Chiang Kai Shek and the Kuomintang soldiers fled mainland during the civil war when the communist party took over. Taiwan - ruled for thousands of years by "others": Dutch, Spanish, Han Chinese, Japan, and the ROC - with agriculture and tilled land dating to 3000 BC.

24 hours was not a long enough visit!

National Palace Museum

While Jasper worked, I roamed around.... took in the hundreds of ancient artifacts in the National Palace Museum - where the deep history of Empire-ruled China is well kept (after being smuggled here by Kuomintang).

... investigated the area around the hotel... and enjoyed stress-free solo shopping!

Little ones on those motor bikes!
Do you see that wee babe on the middle cycle?
pavement sign

These were YUMMY!
Because you can't be too safe.

Nothing like a quiet glass of red wine and a book in the hotel lobby while I wait for Jasper (who was apparently enjoying the view!) :)

Dinner was DELISH. (No English on the menu - it was point and cross fingers time.)

Then - the Ningxia Night Market!! This place was AMAZING. Packed. Thriving. Incredible looking food. Carnival-like games. A few art/craft stalls. And really strong smells. [This, after 10pm!]

catch the goldfish game

Not just bubble-tea!

We had heard that Taiwan is known for its "good old-fashioned shampoos" from a reliable source. So - top of the list before our flight home. And we weren't disappointed!! This luxurious experience led to a walk to the nearest foot-massage spot (there were many to choose from) where we also had the BEST foot massages of our LIVES for $15 apiece.

The airport wasn't too shabby either:
bubble tea!!!

do we have these in the USA airports?

Taipei :: and greater Taiwan :: we will be back. Can't wait to repeat such incredibly delicious food, walk your safe streets, have another shampoo, and see more of this special place.


  1. This is amazing. Papa would love to visit here. You guys are sooo blessed!

    1. Pops - it's so close! When you guys come to HK (we gotta make that happen soon!) we could go back there if you like. :) I keep imagining you visiting all of these places too. I think you'd love it in SE Asia.