Sunday, July 3, 2016


Day to day life is just so full and rich and busy, isn't it? We pack our days with a zillion small moments, sleep, then rise for the next. Our minds chase ideas, questions, and plans in endlessly spiralling circles. Work, rest, repeat. Once in awhile we slow down enough to enjoy the simple things. "Just Normal" life.

This spring was all about the simple things. We just - lived life. Not that different from life anywhere else. And yet - here we are, getting to live it in Honkers.

facepaint - just because she asks

Sick days ...

and School days ...

Hangin' out with friends days ...


 (This beautiful young lady used to be my first grader, once upon a moon.)

2nd grade SLEEPOVER

dance class

taxi hailing

listening to friends perform

Another former student:
visiting HK all the way from Yale!
Around town days...

A hole for the DRAGON to fly through!

never a day without bugs....

and IT'S finally SUMMER days ....

too hot to play outside - days

 Staycation days!
Hong Kong Gold Coast

Who needs summer school when you have a BIG SISTER?
 Aren't "just normal" days simply wonderful?


  1. Wow! Love seeing your "normal" days. Wonder what the crazy days are like? Love the jig-saw puzzle pic. Also loved the slo-mo slide vid with Ains. Boy does she look like you when you were a little girl! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!

    1. hahaha! Maybe Normal & Crazy go hand in hand? :)

  2. Great pics! I put one as my desktop background. Can I ask - how did the puzzle-pieces get on the "sleeping beauty"? Did her siblings decorate her while she was sleeping? Thanks!

    1. Hahaha! Which one did you pick for your desktop? :) Ah - the puzzle. We were putting one together, then my little Ariel-nightgown-Ursula-makeup child laid down in the middle of our work space... so naturally we put a couple of pieces on her leg as a joke. She became real still and asked for more puzzle on her.. and ta-da! Art.

    2. Some of their silly antics remind me of you and Uncle Lenny & Uncle Danny being goofy together! :) They even do the "eat the bottom of the ice cream cone first" which I remember you guys teaching us when we were kids.