Monday, August 15, 2016

Home For Summer :: part 1

Expats all over Hong Kong leave for summer. This city totally empties out. I know, because we stayed for the first half of summer and had the city (practically) to ourselves.

It starts with the dozen good-bye parties. Good-bye to students, good-bye to grade-level teams, good-bye to staff, good-bye to close friends, good-bye to those leaving HK forever, good-bye ... good-bye... good-bye. It's a LOT of good-bye. Don't take my word for it... read Why Expats Hate June.

Then come the FB posts. Streams of them. Everyone watches to make sure everyone else gets safely on their flight and arrives safely at their destination. We scan the FB news to see where everyone has landed and what their families look like. Where they consider "home" or where they have decided to explore. Amazingly, this is not limited to teachers. Expats of all kinds somehow or other manage to go away for summer. After this, everything gets quiet. Really, really quiet. No news, no parties, empty swimming pools. Our family enjoyed the quiet-side of HK and then I jumped on the 13 hour flight with my two girls to start our "home for summer" adventure.


Place of my childhood. 
"You can take the girl out of Ferndale, but you can't take Ferndale out of the girl."
bit different than HK, no?

We visited Brittle Barn Farms with my sister and her two sweet boys. Local, family run farm. 
The good stuff.

whoops - scared you away!

More than anything else, ABear wanted a "real live egg from a real live chicken" on a working farm. 
Girl got her wish. :)

Thanks for the ride, Karl!

Donuts and playtime at Grandma & Grandpa's:

That's my dad! Hiya, pops!

ABear practiced her long-arm with Gpa... and she sent a fair few baseballs over the fence!
day at Deception Pass with G&G:

Guess we had too much fun at our local historic Hovander Park with Dasha and Grandpa Jack and Aunty Heather & Rachel .. and the playspace, house, and dinner out with Nana and Joe ...  I'm sorry to say, we didn't take nearly enough photos! *more photos next time*

My besties (since middle school!) drove north from Seattle for the day - spent at another local park:

cupcake time!
My dear friend Alona who I couldn't do without:

and it wouldn't be complete without taking Mom (Nana) out for a night:


PNW - a special place.
Family - know that your love is what helps us to survive on our many adventures in life. We love you!

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