Sunday, August 28, 2016

Home For Summer :: part 4 - ALASKA



 day 1
arrival, walk around, nap, shop, eat-eat-eat
Auntie Rachel's stomping grounds!

day 2
coffee, naps, a Garden Tour, and the Tram up to Mount Roberts for a hike

crazy up-turned dead trees turned into a magical garden (these have to be replaced every few years)

Largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world! (17 million acres)
awesome tour guide

Mommy, I'm a baby eagle! (actual size of bald eagle nest)

day 3
whale watching

in the captain's room - special treatment - thank you, Auntie Rachel!
making friends - as always

day 4
rented a car, hiked to a glacier in the pouring rain, watched salmon...
photo courtesy of Rachel
photo courtesy of Rachel
 weather as it should be in a rainforest in Alaska... :)
Auntie Rachel has the right shoes

glacier shrouded in mist

salmon run!

day 5
7-hour-boat to Tracy Arm Fjord
 no-filter and no-editing on these photos 
just think what a "real" camera would capture here!

scooping some glacier ice - which we tasted!

our little inventor devised this from recycled materials as we journeyed back to shore
- Patsy Ann -
The story of this pup is incredible. BunnyCakes took a liking to her the moment she first saw the statue. We had to visit Patsy Ann every single day. In short, Patsy Ann greeted every ship as it came in to port (whether it was scheduled or not). Being deaf, they think she must have felt the vibrations. She refused to belong to any one family - and became the town dog. Beloved always.

just cruisin' the docks...

Lots of great food here! Seafood galore, crepes, and our hotel breakfast. YUM.

mmmm CRAB!!!!

Auntie Nimfa had asked the girls to bring her back some snow. :) Well, the girls took this challenge very seriously. It gave them focus and purpose during our adventures and indeed - ABear succeeded in collecting some glacier ice, storing it in a little thermos cooler, and smuggling it back to Hong Kong in the suitcase. All in all, a great trip.


  1. Outstanding pictures as always! what a world tour I am getting and not even leaving home. The kids will have lasting memories forever and wi22l be able to show and tell about all their real life experiences. Who knows! maybe they will even write a book someday about their early childhood love and hugs GGBetty

    1. Thanks, Grandma! I sure do hope the girls build some awesome memories and expand their imaginations. Thought of you and Grandpa when we were on the boat! xxoo

  2. Alaska is soooo beautiful! Pictures hardly do it justice. What a great time with Rachel. Good to see you Rachee!