Thursday, October 27, 2016

and then she was FOUR

Someone please slow down the life-train!

How is it POSSIBLE that my baby is four. FOUR! I keep forgetting. Honestly, I do. And when she overhears me refer to her being 3, or telling someone that she's 3, she is quick to correct me. In fact, she's taken to reminding me that she's 4 at random times, just because. Because that's what 4 year olds do.

She wanted a princess party. With friends new and old, we flung open the door to our tiny apartment and whooped it up. In a city where club rentals, mimosas and special-order boutique cupcakes are the norm (yes, even for 4 year old birthdays), it felt wholly 'American' to serve a bowl of Cheetos and a lopsided cake amid toys and pillows and all that we call home. It was a day of costume changes, dance party, and chocolate.

Her request: 'chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.'
Def not Martha Stewart.  

melts my heart -this friendship which began week one of living in hong kong, when Bunny was ONE. :)

big sister in charge 


The family-time-party was pretty awesome too. Thank you grandmas and grandpas for the fantastic gifts!!! The supreme JOY as she unwrapped each one!!!

BunnyCakes - my incredibly charming, silly, charismatic, full-of-life (and full-of-beans) girl.

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