Monday, November 7, 2016

Ain't No Mountain High Enough....

Someday, when I look back on these years lived in Hong Kong, I imagine that the gift of ROCK CLIMBING will top the list of treasures gained here. I cannot describe the delight, pride, and awe I feel every time I watch my girl scale these cliffs.

monkey-princess-toddler turns fashion-conscious-climber

strength  ::  determination

that part of the wall is SHEER!

Third climb at ShekO and ABear did it like a champ. She started off the morning on the "gold" level climb, and didn't stop till she'd reached the top of all 3 ropes. I am tingling again just remembering it.

Watching her in action is something else. Carefully assessing each crevice and stone for the best hand-hold, the best toe-hold. Shifting her weight. Stretching out for the grab. Stumbling a bit at times, then regaining composure immediately in order to reach again. The focus and skill of coming back down without bumping her knees on the rocks... pulling her body-weight into the center of the rope for her lead to lower her by. Oh - all while the sea swirls relentlessly on the rocks below.

climb 2:

There is nothing like this.

Coach Andy has been "height proofing kids" through his Rockstars program here in HK for awhile now. He is giving these kids more than a kick-booty-skill. He's giving them courage. Confidence. Resilience. Grit.

This is what it's about.

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