Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Baby Brother

Letting go of someone you love is an impossible task.

This summer began with the unexpected loss of my little brother. He was 36 years old. I don't yet have words to describe or process this.

Ssgt. Rex Nathaniel Watt
Baby Brother
Retired Marine
Gov't Contractor

He has - had - many names. To me, he will always be baby-brother and Nater-Bug. He leaves behind an emptiness that can never be filled. One day, I will be able to write about him. To write about the torrents of memories and emotions now flooding through me in waves. For now, he rests.

his resting place

Georgia Sky -
the sky mourned. where he lived. where my father and I went.

a singular moment in Georgia
my brother and his son

my father. And my brother's son.
-take good care of each other-

SEMPER FI, my little brother. Big sister loves you. 

a childhood birthday party - my brother, sister, myself on the right

This song. I couldn't get it out of my head - for weeks - after the news. He did have a thing for Metallica, amongst a wide-range love of music in general. This song, then, is for him:


  1. He will be forever in my heart. Im so proud the be this Marines uncle..Rest in peace Nate...... You are loved!!!

  2. I wish I could find words, but everything is empty. I love you, my heart hurts in a way that any older sister could know. We love them, they are our first friend, our first rival, we'd give ourselves to protect them, they are the first boys to steal our hearts. It doesn't take away the hole he left in our hearts.

    1. Cousin - you have a way with words, you really do. I love you. and THANK YOU.