Sunday, August 27, 2017

summer 2017 :: Bellingham

It's a good thing these kids travel well! Air-hours logged this summer with kids: 50.


so many COUSINS!!!                    *cousins are the best*

Watching ABear with her younger boy-cousins absolutely melted my heart. So care-free and full of love and laughter. Once a year is totally not enough!!

yup. That's a blow-torch.
In my "safety-first" daughter's hands. Like I said - carefree and relaxed!

And these two!!! Peas in a pod. Magical when they reunite. As close as sisters, these girls.

A special day spent with my brother's teenage children - SHOPPING - and eating jumbo burritos. Thank you both for the memorable day together! I love your inner strength and your warm hearts!

A peaceful afternoon with Grandma Dee at Lummi Island...

dinner and ice cream with Nana and Grandpa Joe!

Gpa Joe knows how to drive the hills.

MacSlarrow clan - though not enough pictures!! Dinners, playtime, downtime and epic game night...

Grandpa Jack drove us to the airport at the end of vacay too! Thanks, Gpa Jack!

daddy's birthday party!


Our house rental in Bham -- Seriously, though, can we buy it??!!!

quintessential Bellingham rooftops - with The Herald sign and the bay in the distance

one of mommy's favorites: The Bagelry!!! (train 'em right)

Someone learned to pump this summer!
Anyone else notice ABear's dangling feet back there? - our monkey princess is scaling the swing-post!

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  1. Yes...once a year is not enough! Look forward to your visit each year.